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A 950mL clear glass bottle of Alchemie Labs hydrochloric acid, reagent grade, with safety seal and comprehensive labeling.

Hydrochloric Acid 1%

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Our 1% Hydrochloric Acid is a high-purity, reagent-grade essential for diverse scientific and industrial applications. Ensuring consistent, reliable results, it’s ideal for exacting laboratory work and manufacturing processes.


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Our Hydrochloric Acid, known for its reactivity and corrosiveness, requires careful handling. We emphasize strict safety protocols and provide comprehensive guidelines for safe usage, including the use of protective gear and proper ventilation. Our secure, user-friendly packaging ensures safe handling and storage. Store in a cool, ventilated area, away from incompatible substances, and keep the container tightly closed to maintain a safe, productive environment.

Our 1% Hydrochloric Acid is committed to excellence and safety, strictly adhering to OSHA, EPA, and other regulatory standards. Exceeding industry-specific regulations, it ensures compliance with the latest safety and environmental protocols. This commitment guarantees a product that is not only effective but also aligns with the highest legal and ethical standards, offering peace of mind in its application and impact.

Our 1% Hydrochloric Acid, designed for efficacy and longevity, requires careful storage in a cool, well-ventilated area, away from sunlight and extreme temperatures to maintain stability and potency. The secure packaging prevents leakage and contamination, ensuring purity. Keep the container tightly sealed to avoid fume release and degradation. Regularly check for corrosion or damage, and follow our guidelines on shelf life for a reliable, safe supply.

Cleaning and Etching: Hydrochloric Acid effectively cleans and etches metal surfaces, removing rust and preparing them for further processing. Essential in industries like automotive and metal fabrication, it dissolves iron oxide, revealing clean metal. Used for controlled etching, it creates specific surface textures. Concentration and exposure time are crucial for desired results. While versatile in metal treatment, safety measures, including protective gear and ventilation, are vital due to its corrosive nature.

Chemical Synthesis: Hydrochloric Acid is a key reagent in chemical synthesis, vital for producing a range of chemicals. It’s instrumental in synthesizing chlorides and essential in manufacturing fertilizers, where it aids in nutrient absorption. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in dye production, ensuring color consistency and quality. Its reactive nature makes it indispensable in these diverse chemical processes.

pH Neutralization: In waste treatment, Hydrochloric Acid is crucial for neutralizing alkaline waste streams. Its strong acidic properties effectively balance high pH levels in industrial effluents, ensuring environmental safety. This process is essential for maintaining ecological balance and complying with environmental regulations regarding waste disposal.

Catalyst Activation: Hydrochloric Acid plays a vital role in catalyst activation and regeneration within petrochemical and other industrial sectors. Its reactive nature effectively rejuvenates catalysts, enhancing their efficiency and longevity. This function is crucial for maintaining optimal performance in various chemical reactions and industrial processes.

Masonry Cleaning: Hydrochloric Acid is widely used in construction for masonry cleaning. Its effectiveness in dissolving and removing mortar, grime, and other residues from stones and bricks makes it a preferred choice. This ensures clean, aesthetically pleasing surfaces in building projects, highlighting the material’s natural beauty.

Household & Lab Cleaning: In both household and laboratory settings, diluted Hydrochloric Acid is a key ingredient in cleaning agents. It excels at dissolving stubborn mineral deposits, like limescale, restoring surfaces to their original condition. Its effectiveness in tackling hard-to-remove residues makes it a valuable tool for maintenance and cleanliness.

Desalination: Hydrochloric Acid is integral in certain desalination processes, where it’s used for cleaning and maintaining system components. Its ability to effectively remove mineral build-ups ensures the smooth operation and longevity of desalination equipment, crucial for providing clean, salt-free water.

Pickling of Steel: In the steel industry, Hydrochloric Acid is essential for the pickling process, effectively removing rust and scale from steel surfaces. This preparation step is crucial before further processing, such as galvanizing or painting, ensuring a clean and reactive surface. Its efficiency in eliminating impurities enhances the quality and durability of finished steel products.

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